Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MEL for Production

A friend linked me to Professional MEL Solutions for Production, which I just ordered. It's written by Kevin Mannens, who's done quite a few films as well as Gnomon DVDs, and Ed Caspersen, who runs this nifty site here. I'm excited for this book - I have been doing a lot lately with MEL for Project X, and have dissected a few rigs (and a lot of plug-ins) to see how things are done. MEL may be a pain...but it's worth it to know. Python is Maya is just sad.

Also, I did promise to post images...

Yes, I was a rig for Halloween.

Fortunately, I go to a digital arts school, so everyone knew what I was. I didn't get to create as many controllers as I would have liked, for lack of time, but I had wrist FK, so that's alright. It also wasn't entirely correct structurally, but that's just me being picky. *geek*


  1. Hehe, thanks Nathan!! Hope you're rigging it up in Amsterdam :D

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    hahaha, omg I love the wrist nurbs circle ctrls.