Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Bit on Contract Work

Lately, I have received a ton of e-mails from people that need help on rigging or want advice.

And this is awesome!

I am so happy that people are reaching out through the internet and using resources, and also that rigging seems to be an expanding art. You guys rock for wanting to learn!

However...I am going to have to lay down some guidelines.

I am more than willing to do work for either students or studios (interested in a resume, contact jess(dot)delacy(at)gmail(dot)com). However, if you are a studio, then I am going to charge you. Rigging contracts are how I make my living, and I can't be giving out free favors to studios. If you're a startup and can prove it...we'll talk ;]

Students - I know how tight your budgets are. Believe me, I do. So here's the deal! If you're a student, there's a 90% chance I will help you for free. I'll help problem solve, fix small problems, answer questions, give advice, give you resources or tutorials, even make tutorials all for free. And the catch is this...

I cannot, cannot do a full rig unless it's something that I have never done before AND OR is something that will greatly increase my knowledge. For instance: I have rigged a quadruped before, but I've never rigged a quadruped with cloth based wings, or something with a lot of plates, like a pangolin. Or, I've not rigged a lot of interesting inanimate objects, such as a slinky, if you catch my drift.

But again, I've rigged a biped before. And I have very, very little free time. If you want a biped rigged, unless there's something crazy about it that I deem it worthy...sorry, but I will charge an hourly rate. Less than I would for studios, but still. I have to eat somehow, and I can't just fill every request I get for free. And jeez am I getting a lot lately :/

Still interested? Shoot me an e-mail!

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