Sunday, November 22, 2009

A bit of NDA blues

Lately, I've been really wanting to post and share some of what I've done recently online. I keep seeing some nifty rigs being demonstrated, and it really puts me in a lets-sit-down-and-Camtasia-some-rigs mood, but sadly I am under NDA for everything I've worked on since August.

Which brings me to my goal for Christmas break:

I'm going to rig something for me, and for me alone. Might be one rig, might be a couple, but I need to do something that I can show. I've been doing such awesome things lately rigging-wise, and I want to be able to implement them and show them off on my own rigs. Also, here's where I want your input:

As a rigger or animator, what are some of the best features you like to see on a rig? Can be anything, anything at all. I've spoken to quite a few people about this, but I like getting more input when I can and figuring out the best ways to implement different systems.

Although, I say this now...but there's a good chance I'll be setting up quite a few facial systems over the break, so we'll see.

On that note, looks like I'd better hit up some modelers!


  1. my goal for a rig is usually one that doesn't break often, it's sad because without mel-script to auto-create things it's easy to make a simple mistake that cause the rig to mel-function...(sry for the bad pun)

    oh...did you sent me something like a mel-script for referencing? cause i didn't get anything in my email

  2. Yeah, I tried to respond directly to your comment...weird. I'll maybe I'll just post it here.

    I agree with you on autorigging scripts, but there are some things that do have to be done by hand (parts of the face, for instance).

    Anyway, the script:

    // Rename when referencing multiple instances in the same scene
    global string $instance = "";

    // Character name - this needs to be updated before referencing!!
    global string $referenceName;
    $referenceName = "referenceNameHere";

    global string $fullName;
    $fullName = $instance + $referenceName;

    // Reset to zero (this sets the attribute on my IKFK match to zero when the scene is opened)
    setAttr "MatchSwitch.LeftMatchIKtoFK" 0;

    //This is the procedure that runs the match. Basically, the name is commented out unless the scene will be referenced. Yes, this is a bit of a pain, still trying to see if there's a way to work this out better.
    proc LArmFKIK ()
    $q = `getAttr (/*$fullName+*/"MatchSwitch.LeftMatchIKtoFK")`;