Monday, November 9, 2009

Seamless, anyone?

I just wrote a fully functional, fully animatable seamless IKFK arm setup. Ohhhh man this took me so long to figure out, but my animator is going to love me!

Since I can't post files because of NDA stuff, I am going to implement this on one of my rigs when I get time and post it. The seamless setup looks similar "physically" (as physical as you can get digitally, I guess) as the final setup here, except I could not use the ZooToolBox plugin to implement it.

It is set up via scriptNodes, but unlike a few rigs I've looked at the switched follow each other when animated (as opposed to rigs where the setup is seamless, but animation is a whole different story) and is accessible from the channel box using a specially set up attribute. The only drawback I am running into is because the node is running on an attribute change, undoing is a tad difficult...also, the elbow pops every so often. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it has something to do with the offset group on the pole vector. I will try to iron this out next.

I'm really excited - aside from the Rubiks cube, this is the most complex script I've written yet, and it'll actually be applicable in production!

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  1. I been trying to write my seamless switch as well, but I been running into a few problem,
    with scriptNodes how are u dealing with the issue of when referencing the rig into the scene file, and all the names on the rig changes?

    because my script looks for some specific controller objects when it does the IKFK switch