Saturday, February 6, 2010

Avatar and other things

So, the secret is out!

I got to work with rigs from Avatar for some promotional material McDonald's was using to promote the movie! Sadly, I have neglected to post for so long, and it seems the promotion is no longer online :[. For those who are curious, I did some deformation work on creatures for these promo online games - nothing too special, but still exciting for me!

Also, I have been made rigging lead on our school's Project X, since I now have two other riggers who are helping me out. I was fortunate enough to get two extremely talented and super nice guys to work with me. Hooray!

And now, I found a nifty little forum for rigging issues - Rigging 101 is a cool little Q and A place, which seems to have challenges and some good advice. Also, it's ALL rigging! Check it out.


  1. just found your blog, nice work...

  2. Why thank you! You have a pretty awesome blog yourself!