Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick and Neat Coin Rig

I've heard a little bit about rigging in Modo. Not much, just that it now has SDKs and a few basic things for setting up and posing models, which is Modo's main strength (it's honestly the best modeling package I've ever used - hands down!)

But the other day my team and I were looking for a solution as to how to rig certain mechanics, we stumbled across this neat little tutorial of a quick and easy way to rig a coin using Modo. It's efficient and simple, and can be easily replicated in Maya (although my friend did use some expressions to get it to behave correctly when he did it).

Anyway, just something fun.

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  1. Hey, nice blog!
    Just wanted to share my coinrig setup from maya. As your friend I created an expression to have it rotate backwards to simulate it rolling around it's axis.