Monday, February 8, 2010

Moveable Center of Gravity

I've seen some cool tweaks for center of gravity lately - especially in Blender's Project Durian, which features a moveable center of gravity for the dragon rig that my good friend Nathan (or Cessen, to the online world) has posted. I want to recreate it in Maya on my next quadruped (a rhino!), so I've been looking at cool systems.

This incredibly simple shot-by-shot solution surprised me - what a great idea, and with what...four steps to set up? I'd love to find a more permanent solution for this, and would love to see more stuff dealing with center of gravity.

1 comment:

  1. I had tried that solution some time back. However, the problem is that you cannot change rotatePivot attribute once there is rotation on the object without affecting the translation of the object. There is another attribute called rotatePivotTranslate that works in conjunction with rotatePivot. RPT stops object from moving if you change the rotatePivot once there is rotation on the object. I had tried to look for a relation between the two but did not find any material.