Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Contracting and other updates

Augh, been crazy here lately!!

I enjoyed a nice visit from my good friend Cessen, who is leaving for Amsterdam to be the lead TD on Project Durian, in which we had a lot of fun hanging out and talking about rigging related things. He has some major plans to overhaul Blender's rigging system during this project, so look out for some cool updates!

Also, I am just finishing up my first industry contract job for a great little company called Multiverse. I did mostly basic things (which I will announce when I can!), but it was quite fun getting some experience and working under contract. I'm hoping to find more short term contracts in the future, hopefully for film.

Aaaannnddd I had an interview for a rigging internship at Lucasfilm!! They loved my work, and want me to join their team, but don't want to pull me out of school this semester. So I will be anxiously waiting to hear what the verdict is for next semester :]

We have just started getting final base meshes for Project X, so I am finally getting the chance to implement some cool systems. I've come up with some nifty ways to implement things, and am learning more every day. I'm really loving rigging all day - guess I chose the right career.

And, on a final note...I'm going to be a rig for Halloween. Yup. Photos of that when it happens.


  1. Good luck for the LucasFilms job. Looking forward to see your next rigging project.

  2. Ooooh, cool! Lucas Film. Good luck! :-)

    (And "overhauling" blender's rigging system is a bit of an overstatement. More like, a few important lacking features getting added. But yes, it is exciting. :-))