Monday, November 29, 2010

Rhythm and Hues: A New Adventure

It seems as though in the midst of my production induced haze I failed to notice how quickly time was passing, and a lot of things happened. Fall, for instance, and then Thanksgiving is over, and now I need to shop...

But, best of all was that my hard work has paid off, and I will be starting at Rhythm and Hues next Monday as a technical animator, and hopefully, when I learn enough, rigger. I am definitely excited - I have friends who work there and love it, and I get to work on a movie!

Sadly though, I had to leave my current student production with only one month left. The rigging was about as done as it could be minus a few shot corrections, and I had moved into Techanim and Rigging TD anyway, but I am still sad to go. However, I am looking even more forward to seeing what the film will look like when it's finished, since the shots that are already comped are beautiful.

Anyway, new adventure, new place, new friends and experiences - and most of all, learning. I will be working with some brilliant minds who have a lot to teach me about rigging theory, and I will use it to expand my skills even more.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hey congrats! May be a little late, but glad to hear the news :)